Aurora Picture Show
800 Aurora Street
Houston, TX 77009
(713) 868-2101

& SUN. OCT. 22, 3PM

Aurora Picture Show is pleased to host an evening of lowriding video curated by Carlos Calbillo, Talento Bilingue de Houston. Lowriders are artistically designed vehicles, many equipped with hydraulics which enable the vehicles to raise up, down, sideways and even to dance! Long popular and visible in Latino communities in the Southwest and Texas, lowrider culture has spread to other communities and in Houston enjoys widespread attention through car clubs, meets, competitions and cruisin' on weekends along Richmond and Westheimer. Lowriders were the original ART CARS!


Por Un Amor, 1983, Carlos Calbillo, 28 mins.
A re-edited version of Carlos Calbillo's documentary about the beginnings of the lowrider movement in Houston. This piece includes an interview with one of Houston's first lowriders, plus an exploration of the lowrider phenomenon from the 1970s onward. Written and produced by Carlos Calbillo.

Tribute to Gregorio Flores, 1999, Luis Flores, 7 mins.
A man presents his son with a used Cutlass and then helps him over the years to transform this vehicle into a classic, award-winning ride. A moving story about a father/son relationship. Written and produced by Luis Flores.

For the Sake of The Act Itself, 2000, Tonantzin Canestaro-Garcia & Mela Canestraro, 5 mins.
An abstract interpretation of lowriding; a visual and sensual tour down Houston's Richmond Avenue late on a Saturday night. Written by Tonantzin Canestaro-Garcia. Produced by Mela Canestraro.

El Jefe, 2000, Radames Ortiz, 5 mins.
A middle-aged man (a Veterano, in lowrider jargon) recollects the lowrider experiences of his youth as he takes a nostalgic ride through the notorious Houston barrio of Denver Harbor. Written and produced by Radames Ortiz.

Alien Toy, 1998, Ruben Ortiz Torres, 8 mins.
Lowriders like Chava Munoz (radical bed dance world champion four years in a row) from San Ysidro, Califas, have altered the shape and the function of the car to an extreme where it is hard to recognize it at all. Produced by Ruben Ortiz Torres.

About Carlos Calbillo:
Carlos Calbillo, born in Houston, is a long-time video and film producer/director, having worked in broadcast television, sports and on documentary projects over the last 25 years. His film credits include: "Chicken Skin Movie" a short on Ry Cooder and Flaco Jimenez; "Little Ol' Band From Texas", the ONLY movie ever made about popular Houston band ZZ Top; "El BeBop Kid", covering the life of legendary Texas musician Freddie Fender. He is currently teaching video production to inner city youth at Talento Bilingue de Houston in the Second Ward and working on a documentary on the life of Texas pioneer and freedom fighter Juan Seguin.

Suggested donation $5
Park off street at Gulf Coast Metal Sales,
6604 N. Main (the green metal building on the NW co. of N. Main and Aurora)

KINDLY REDUCE TRAFFIC: Leave your car at home and be rewarded with a free pass to a future Aurora show! Ask the comely ticket-taker for your REWARD.

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