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September 23, 2009

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In many ways this represents my ideal bicyclist:
A regular joe on his way to his whereto, no special
clothes, not even a helmet. Biking's just a part of his
day to day and probably has been for 50 years. He
doesn't appear to be exceptionally fit but that's OK,
he's not out to set any land speed records and so
probably won't be a menace to pedestrians and other
cyclists unlike Spandexed wannabes or amphetamined
messengers. The bike isn't fancy but exhibits some
common sense features--chain guard, lights powered
by rim generator, fenders, and a wicker basket that
certainly wasn't factory-installed equipment. It even
has gears and brakes. It's neither status symbol nor
fashion statement. It's just one of the better ways to
get around Vienna and he takes to the streets unafraid.