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My favorite scene in Rear Window is when they're all swirling their brandy snifters and its solid atmospherics and style make up for one of the silliest movie endings ever.

Called Kirchmer from Linda's (now serving rotgut) and hooked up at Rainbow where people in audience outnumbered the band--but just barely and eventually Chet joined on drums after we took a break in the alley to smoke a Peruvian Special.

laugh riot Ended up at Aladdin Gyro-cery back room corner curtained couches and Thailand documentary full of Buddha on the black and white, gibbons fighting over fruit or quietly contemplating flow of water, one of the fellows who worked there passed out sitting bolt upright,

the split burning down quietly in his fingers, snuffing itself before it could do any harm, his eyes big and beautiful even closed and we ate and drank and smoked and laughed and I forgot my camera so no pictures but I will try to remember that orange pick-up truck parked quietly for the night asking nothing of passers-by.