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March 2, 2000

the hangovers
are getting worse
but i'm dealing
with them better

i drink water
from a 32 oz
peanut butter jar
with the label
still on and
spent match heads
floating at bottom
from when i'd absently
used it as an ashtray
late at night
in the dark
i could use the carbon
anyway, give the old
colon a scrub,
rub a dub,
shit and blood on
the paper after i wipe,
coffee in one hand and
bukowski in the other

i dice green peppers
(on sale yesterday at
Marketime, 3/85¢)
a wedge of mozzarella
and four eggs fried
in no-stick skillet,
two of the yolks sep-
arated and tossed w/
the shells into the sink
everything but... after i eat
the typewriter takes
the place of the plate
and i'm ready to begin
again, outside it is grey