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May 13, 2000

Water defies so many rules of physics
I sometimes wonder whether it itself
is the one and only lifeform, we and
flowers and moss and mites and a-
moebi and all the rest being just
manifestations of it. Maybe it
came here on a comet, inter-
stellar traveler, a race of gi-
ants on another dimension
have a lawn toy connected
to their hose, a kind of pin-
wheel spraying comets across
the universe, drops of rain bring-
ing life to barren planets. Vonne-
(I forget where-a little help?) an-
swers the question What are peop-
le for?
in no uncertain terms: "To be
the eyes, ears, tastebuds etc. of the
Creator of the Universe, you fool!" It could
be that the Creator is water, and the Apollo
was just a way for it to take a step
back to enjoy a self-portrait--clouds,
oceans, ice caps. Ah, Narcissus.