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November 4, 2000

utilikilt? same here, samir!
Dave, Clemens and I went for a bikeride which transmogrified into a slow stroll around the University of Chicago campus where we sat on a bench among crinkly fallen leaves smoking cigarettes and corncob pipes full of the Northwest's finest. A bride's veil billowed behind her in the breeze, curious squirrels approached me for a light, and fellow believer Samir asked if that were a utilikilt I was twirling in. What else could it be? After marking a whispering arch with instructions in chalk, we walked by the post-modern-neo-gothic cathedral where I jumped off a ledge and made a huge sound when my feet hit. I couldn't believe it--this must be better acoustics even than the whispering arch! I stamped my feet again but this time it was nothing much. It slowly dawned on me and Clemens that what had happened was an incredible coincidence--unseen to us a backhoe had dumped its first load of broken concrete into a metal bin, the broken rock resounding at the precise instant when my feet had hit the sidewalk. Cosmic.