look at me--i'm
                            like the guy in that movie!

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November 26, 2001

'Nother day on the farm, looking for answers,
surfing bad news online, some encouraging words
from one guy high up but what good will they do,
undeclared WWIII, I look at 1984 and see what
Orwell predicted
is already true (w/ 1 glad exception).

lie in bed,
from next room
I hear Sarah play
Bach's Invention 13
& Minuet in D Minor.

That makes me feel

For a minuet, at least.

After dinner with her parents,
we watch On the Waterfront,
a movie about conscience, and I wish
my decision were as simple as choosing
whether or not to get kicked in the head.

Or looking up to see what note to play next.