i'd rather walk

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January 15, 2002


i just feel
so damn good--
who cares
if the rent
check bounced?
i'm walking
uphill, climbing
some steps.
the sun
always sets.
it's right there,
ignoring the cars
on Highway 99,
otherwise known
as Aurora, with
derelict motels
sportin' weeds
like beards,
from the World's
Fair, Expo '62,
when the Space
Needle pricked
the pulse of the
world, a promise
of an enlightened

each one hurts

future society

living efficiently--
but far from
a nation of
we have SUVs
and the Home
Shopping Network,
kids barely
literate because
the government
likes 'em like that,
and cheap gas
no matter
what the cost
to civilians
in faraway
places where
there happens
to be oil
in the rock.

bombs are
still being
built to be