a great day.
fuck! sarah said
waking up after the
alarm didn't go off.
blue sky through our
little bit of window
said it could have been
9 but it was only 7:30--
everything was fine.
quick email check
before onsite consultation
@ utilikilts, lynn shelton
loves the website
i threw together
for her film
yesterday. beautiful
morning for riding
no-hands along the
canal on the way to
work. they're paying
me what i deserve
and i give them their
money's worth.
finished up w/ 4.5 hrs
left to burn on
the contract, out
of there at 2:30,
the day was almost
too beautiful to
stand so i took
my time riding
back, caught glimpses
through doors of
people at work
@ Seattle Stage and
a marine welding shop.
the mailbox was stuffed
w/ more paying work
and a great package
from Scott: Liquid
Lounge t-shirt, KILL
stickers (side job from
his days as graphics man-
ager @ Jack-in-the-Box),
and some beautiful art
on the envelope--
Capitol dome doodled
into rocket top w/ $$$$
burning out the back.
Thanks, Scott! You, too,
should send me mail art.
Got my silkscreening shit
together to teach at
Gina and Paul's, then
rode down to get front
money for supplies @
the bank. Took an unusual
turn and chanced upon
Nigel + Steve @ Evanston
& 35th, talked about
guerilla art, possibility
of Powerhouse workshops,
and biodiesel conversions
for cars. The ATM
was busted so I
went into the bank.
More money in the
account than I expected
to be there and I got
the last chocolate
dipped macaroon
on the courtesy table.
Artist & Craftsman has
everything you need
to silkscreen (except
lacquer thinner, available
at Hardwick's down the
block), so I bought
2 sheets of rubylith,
a yard-and-a-half of
medium nylon mesh,
silver, red, and brown
ink (they were out of black)
for 44 bucks. Had to add
screen filler as afterthought,
$8.03 and Jason gave it to me
even though I came up ex-
actly 50 cents short. in this
case, $7.53 was enough.
I had to pause on Interlaken
b/c I couldn't believe my good
fortune--what a place to ride!
I rolled on to Denny Blaine
where a woman in a bikini
smiled at me and I swam
for the first time this sum-
mer out to the buoy.
I was drying in the sun,
photographing a fluttering
and a young
couple in love
pictures of each other;
when I looked up, Hick
was there w/ his battery-
powered turntable
Bitches Brew filled the air.
We swam to the buoy again,
while a mysterious purple
plume towered over the
East Side--petroleum ex-
plosion or tire fire, we
theorized. Oh well...
Lightnin Hopkins Freeform
till we got dry, then I rode
up + up + up and up some
more to 2434, Gina & Paul's.
They let me shower to help
keep off the swimmer's itch--
and writing this now i re-
member i forgot my bathing
suit there--and after that
we got down to business
assembling frames, stretching
silk, and waiting for others
to get there, Paul's full-on DJ
set-up silent for the time being,
just the chock chock chock
of staple guns. Brian H's Not
in Our Name
screen was a
work of art and the half
dozen others that got done
were all excellent--spinnin'
DJ who looks like Che, Paul
Auster book cover, triptych
of comparative trouser flares,
and a trippy abstraction--all
of which we ran ink through,
much to our mutual delight.
Tho it was after midnight, I
suspected the movies in
Anna's backyard might still
be playing so I rode towards
14th & Union--found the house
w/ car-free prayer flags.
In back, a bonfire, 16mm pro-
jector rolling cheesy 70s movie
trailers, cold beer & warm hugs
from friends. The festival
ended when the reel snapped,
so we went inside and danced.
I had trouble deciding whether
or not to accept a ride w/ Hick,
almost had my bike in back
of his Toyota, then recon-
sidered and got on to pedal.
I was feeling pretty special
as I exited Volunteer Park.
Some people stopped to ask
if they were headed towards
24th and I couldn't help them--
"I just kind of got turned
around myself." They didn't
pull away right away
so we just faced each other
there for a bit, smiling light
into each other's eyes and
I'm not sure why. I was having
the time of my life rolling
slow and easy down 12th
until I realized I was almost
back to where I'd started.
No worries--I just turned
'round again, this time across
on 10th, enjoying the night.
The downhill to U Bridge
(right on Harvard) is a
screamer and I don't think
it'll do for Car-Free Seattle.
Again, I took an unusual
turn, pedaled up Fremont
an extra block rather than
carrying my bike up the stairs
(overgrown w/ thorns this
time of year). I was thinking
to myself on my last couple
of strokes of the day how
good it felt to ride around
as much as I did and just
then I spied a crisp $20 bill
folded halfwise in the street.
I picked it up and it split
into 2 twenties, and then 3.
Is there any better way
to end the day than by
finding a pile of money?
OK, maybe good food
in the fridge and Sarah
coming out of the bed-
room naked asking
What time is it? 2:50 am
when I started writing this...

everything and more...