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November 25, 2002

don't be fooled by the clooz yesterday, it was sunny
and i got a little sloppy
in hick & matt's basement
slurping down SPARKS,
a goofball drink of guarana,
taurine, caffeine and 6% alc.
i forgot my camera there
so i looked up from my desk
and scanned this cut-out,
an unsent invite to a long-ago
party. i spent most of today
at this desk involved in tasks,
none of which made me happy.
happy was standing in the sun
with sarah, just inches before it
went down (not long after 4:20).
shadows of hibernating plants,
long stalks with bulbous heads,
against a sky-blue wall looked
so good and this was the only
way left for me to record it.

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