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December 8, 2002

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am i crazy to be thinking about how fucked up things are right now? i guess it started with the election 2000 coup, when the kinda goth-looking Supreme Court ordained G.W. Bush "president." Then, 5 months before 9/11, the same court radically expanded individual police powers, making the U.S. a de facto police state. it looked like the Enron scandal might put Bush in his place (jail), but that all blew over due to corporate media's vested interests and/or lack of courage. executive orders vetoed freedom of information and the USA PATRIOT Act allows for unchecked KGB-style wiretaps in the name of "homeland security." but guess what--this country was built on people fleeing the provincialism and intolerance of "the homeland." my parents did, when they left Czechoslovakia in 1968. they knew first-hand how quickly and completely freedom could be taken away. so what's it going to be? nuclear war? environmental catastrophe? or an orwellian style totalitarianism of prisons and re-education? whichever path, it will be extreme. in the meantime, i am grateful to have friends like Jesse, Adria, and Matt, who can get the typewriter to make sense.