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December 10, 2002

i've always wanted to be just a dude, y'know? like, go to work, bang stuff together, rip stuff apart, stand outside staring off into the distance, that kind of thing. well, shuck my oysters! looks like those dreams are coming true, at least once in a while. like today. driving around in the rain, steven's utility van, orange steel roof rack, he picked it up for $900 at tonasket. see other dudes on their way to their wheretos, buddha-calm at intersections. i like to work. steven marked his gloves " i [heart] booze" and "i [heart] lunch." i could've written the same but i'd already marked mine with a middle finger and downturned thumb. nihilistic jokes abound. we had good lunch at pacific inn but eschewed the booze through an act of will. there'd be time enough after work, a couple of buds in arne's apartment, easy talk and warm feeling.

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