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December 12, 2002

i wrote this poem on my way downtown to see a free rock-n-roll show at a pizza parlor. i fear it is quite bad, but writing it made the busride pass.

i like vodka.
it's alright
w/ a leftover
and shot of
soymilk &
soy creamer
it all goes
down easy
as a rainy
in seattle,
in between
time, winter.

dark before
dinner & if
you've got
dinner, all
the better.
there's lots
out there
trying to get
by on rocks
& sunshine
who've never
heard of
poetry or
and so much
the better.
theirs gods
are older &
get what they
ask for.

the price
we pay is
for a respite,
easy moment's
as the bus
lurches to
a halt in
the rain
and another
one gets on.

this whole bus
is dead and
some? most? all?
don't even
know it. i
carry death
in my pocket,
a hypochondriac,
the clues all
make sense
except for the
moment. oh
well, death's
just a word
we use for
the next
chapter in
a closed
book on a
high shelf
written in
a language
none who
are left can

Death, i give
myself an
enema and
laugh. Death,
it's the ones
you don't own
who're scared.
Death, you
have about
as much use
for a poem
as a starving
man. Death,
when will you
take yourself?
Death, I once
held a grape
in my mouth
for over an
have you shown
you can wait?

miso is very helpful when it comes to personal computingyyyyyk

sometimes the fucking rain gets on my nerves. enough already.

jesse paul miller set up a reel-to-reel to record the pyramids' debut, as well as the A-frames, at 2nd ave pizza. both bands rocked.

$2 beers all sold out, a crowded
back room, boom boom boom

adria and sarah on the street,
jaywalkers watching for heat

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