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December 27, 2002

resizing the photo of screen makes everything wiggy -- can you explain that?
sarah's mom hopes i will cheer up.
most of what she knows about me
comes through here and i guess
it has been rather bleak. then again,
someone's got to say it; i might as well.
but! being here has cheered me up a bit,
playing with dogs, watching icicles melt.
there is space here in rural ohio (sunbury)
and there's not enough worry to fill it.
i wonder if i could leave the city. when
i think about it i worry i'd go crazy
without my friends and stream of distractions.
then i get out here and i couldn't care less.
radishes, beets. a good night's sleep.
the pond's thin ice looks like a tree.
it doesn't take much to satisfy me, but i feel
concern for those who don't share in our plenty.
some say you're a sucker if you don't play by
"every man for himself." and i do, i do...
but i keep hoping for something else. such as...?
there is no system--only awareness & generosity.
and art, i guess. a salve for civilization,
an alternative to mood drugs and commercial TV.
i borrow a nikon and photograph from my position
of privilege
. makes me want a better camera.

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