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December 31, 2002

wake up in a super 8 motel, galesburg, I-74, McDonald's across the parking lot, continental breakfast in the lobby, oatmeal in styrofoam bowl, microwaved, ESPN, one older couple also eating, retirees i guess, one day we'll be them.
camera broken so i ask sarah to draw the highway, the turned-up earth of illinois & iowa like chocolate cake.
running on fumes, we exit for gas and luck onto highway 61. dylan keeps running through my head: where do you want this killing done?
crossing into wisconsin, we hit a cheese-laden buffet.

more fine line art by sarah kavage
the mississippi is frozen at sunset, we pull over and shatter ice panes, listen to fragments skitter far across the surface.
minneapolis is cold and clear, we connect with monte and commence tequila, beers. parties and bands. another year disappears.

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