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February 9, 2003

background image shopt wih nikon 4500, which i miss 

little kitty has paws
i have fingers
she chases bugs
i follow the cursor
today i spent 5 hours
indexing 2 months' worth
of this sprawling site
    (Jan - Feb 2001)
i barely even read the stuff.
what the hell was i thinking?
     what am i doing?
i console myself, however,
when i think of people inert
before flashing TV sets,
like the guy i saw last night
alone in his apartment, slack,
who inspired these lines:
i thought i died / but i feel alive...
       i must be a zombie.

if tapping a keyboard
is nothing much, it's still more
than the slow tube suck. yes.
but why am i so negative?
today was a nice day, cold & grey,
i had plenty to eat and drink,
no air raid sirens or vaccination alerts,
and we had a deliriously delightful
dinner in dave's not so secret bat cave.
cheer up, i say. (gotta remind myself)