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February 24, 2003

pyramids rool  
Waiting for "WALK" at the corner
of 35th St and Fremont Ave N, dusk,
i think to myself, "i wonder if i will
see a friend?" and so i look carefully
around, thinking also of my friend dave,
who when we meet tends to see me first
because i am, as he puts it, abstract.
and it's true--a lot of the time i am lost
in thought and blind to what is happening.
so i looked up 35th, down Fremont,
down 35th, and finally up Fremont, where
i see matt walking down to jive time with
some CDs for sale tucked under his arm.
i blurt "Matt!" and give a quick jerky wave.
he looks once, twice, three times, and
finally does not recognize me. he goes
into the store and i follow. ha ha ha. we end up
at his place drinking beer, listening to The Fall,
and playing the 2 drums set up in his kitchen.

earlier in the day, pushing a wheelbarrow
full of demolished wood deck scraps, on
the verge of a complaint, i said, "i only
worry about..." and i caught myself, said,
sincerely, "...nothing." and had an honest laugh.