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Picture of the Day
Tuesday, March 11, 2003

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A little bit of activism
now and then is a vitamin
against fascism, but in-
creasingly i am starting
to see this government
is what "we the people"
want--a big stern daddy
who's going to spank
anyone who pipes up.
What's "fascism" anyway?
If that's what you call it
when everyone is fed,
back that truck up here!
In other news, I am trying
not to be so humorless,
carve moments out of the
day to indulge joy. Yesterday,
it came while flappin' my dogs
down some long mossy steps
to a rainwet street being lit
by late afternoon sunlight
sloping in, as you see here.
I had a strange thought the other day:
Accepting the premise of a planetary
consciousness, or global brain, does it
not follow that each of our brain cells
might be self-aware, possessed of a soul?