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March 16, 2003

understand this: people standing 8 feet from the one and only speaker were able to converse normally, so the music was not that loud. and even if it were, this was noon  in an industrial zone at an art space with no noise restrictions. john murphy, an upstairs neighbor who sports a NO IRAQ WAR sticker on his car, without a word of warning or attempt at diplomacy, unleashed a minutes-long barrage of wood shavings on the dj station. luckily, an umbrella was at hand, and so was a microphone: "INTIMIDATION... WARNING... EVACUATE THE FALLOUT AREA..."
I don't know if it was the public shaming or host Dave's informing Mr. Murphy that he was committing assault, but the terrorism finally stopped. i find it ironic that a self-styled peace advocate would be so inept at conflict resolution.

A belligerent neighbor rains symbolic death on all that is good. photo by ed shively.
This is the situation: neighbor fight neighbor. War sickness is cellular.