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May 1, 2003

Today I was sicker 'an shit.
The colors of sick
are yellow and brown.
And a little green for neon snot,
a symptom of sinus infection.
It was nice being sick.
I was so tired and my head
ached whenever I moved it.
So I did not move it much.
Instead, I slept for something
like 30 hours straight. I felt
better after that. I tried reading
a little bit--Kurt Vonnegut.
He mentions pneumonia as
the old person's friend, a dreamy
way to slip the bonds of flesh.
I was reading Palm Sunday,
his blivit, which he defines
as 2 lbs. of shit in a 1 lb. bag.
That's how my head felt.
I only read a little bit because
closing my eyes was easier.
The book is a collection of
essays, graduation speeches,
and other miscellaneous writings
done for love and/or easy money.
His main ideas is that America
is needlessly lonely and ruthless
and that we'd all feel better if we
had larger support networks
of family and friends. I agree,
but it felt pretty sweet embracing
all by myself....