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contents and discontents Thursday
May 8, 2003
ever see art that really moved you?
maybe experience would be a better word.
you can experience art with your eyes,
ears, and, less often, mouth, nose, and skin.
diana falchuk's art is for your eyes, and for
the space between your eyes and where
the stimuli is resolved into familiar forms.
but step closer and you see the assemblage
is anything but familiar, comprised of torn-up
faux advertisements affixed to surplus utility
poles with rusty staples plucked late at night and hammered into place to replicate the effect of faded renaissance italian frescoes.

paper & perception deteriorate with time...

the poles were displayed in post alley near
pike place market, with a reception at the
alibi room. the light there is great as the sun
goes down. downtempo dj and carrot bites.
i rode my bicycle to it and took the bus back
with Sarah, during which we bumped into a
bunch of people we knew. seattle keeps
getting smaller and smaller, and i don't mind.