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July 7, 2oo3

got a call this morning, camera fixed after many weeks
of missing movies and, decreasingly, still photography.
took the bus to the shop and back, took a nap, tired
from another night of casual excesses. felt restored,
prepped for an impromptu performance at Mr. Spot's
Chai House
, one year anniversary of first Mondays
poetry reading. Jesse Paul Miller and I provided
beats and textures for
Arne Pihl's resonant
reading. I operated the
$20 Yamaha drum ma-
chine Jesse sold me Sun-
day in conjunction with a
Boomerang digital phrase sampler
on loan from John Berry. Jesse played
field recordings and sound effects via a CD
player and peculiar handcrank cassette player,
the likes of which I'd never seen, used by
missionaries to spread the gospel via magnetic tape.
the sounds were hypnotic and Arne's reading was,
as usual, spot on. afterwards, we walked in an
alley where painted-over graffiti was painted over
with a magic word which has been increasingly
appearing on walls and doors around Fremont,
under which these soulful eyes were freshly added....