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September 5, 2003


fell asleep to a dream of joy--somehow i folded colorful paper into an accordion that made a wonderful noise. sarah had some too, made an elaborate home and opened it up with a flourish, it looked like versailles. later, the dreams were not as nice. i was face down in oily water, came up with a cancer, the side of my face, one eye, numb and all i wanted them to do was cut, tho i knew it'd be no use. woke up early after only 3 hours sleep, had a big breakfast with mirek and bara and then slept for another 3 hours in their bed. dreamt i was home again in Hempstead, in the basement, looking for Adventure People, then my favorite toys. found lots of indians with knives and a jeep for them to drive, then my mother and i got into a big fight, the anger real as i remember it when i was young and she was alive.