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October 3, 2003



sarah seems so small from afar, the city even smaller

this musta been my lucky day.
went for some unstructured time
with sarah, a walk through nowhere--
you know, just the places people live.
we ate some pizza. stopped in for a beer.
we were on our way to a lake. when
we stepped outside, it was raining.
a tram came by and we got on it.
drank warm milk with whisky and honey.
split up and met again, metro to bus station.
we got some information, walked a desolate
area and figured out it was still recovering
from last year's flood, lines of receding water
down ground floor windows like the stripes
left behind by the pilseners we were draining.
the tunnel under Zizka was long, lit green
as absinth for a movie someone was filming.
got to the top, last vestiges of commie art,
the statues adorning a mausoleum,
to remove them would be desecration
of the graves of those who said heaven is here,
every trade portrayed by people in pairs.
sarah asked me about commitment.
the sun itself seemed indecisive.
was it pollution or just the clouds?
we went to U Vystrelenyho Oka
where the menu was all puns.
my lucky day because i found:
15 crowns scattered on the sidewalk,
a pair of heavy white boot laces,
and a candy bar, unopened,
the Tatrinky 3-D I'd seen advertised
so much about and here it was!
Sarah's stomach hurt afterwards.