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November 12, 2003


nothing to see here, folks... the retaining wall complete, nothing was left to do but hose and sweep the street before grout and mortar and concrete discoloration could take hold. we got busy on other dangling tasks, mainly the bathroom vents and obsolete gas heater exhaust. drilling, sawing, patching the roof, steven up top, me in the attic underneath. i paused up there, floor exposed beams with 3/4 inch plywood catwalk above the fragile ceiling, caught a thought about glaciers and sought for something to write on. nothing handy but this sandpaper. i wrote the following on back, adding only later the sideways sketch you see, a schematic for a tiny city erected on a dime....

things move
like a

other times
it's strictly
through time

the pause

a lifetime
in less
than a