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November 17, 2003


American DJ Pro-DJ2 Vestax PMC-03A Scratch Mixer
Philips CDR-765 CD Burner
Onkyo R1 Amp/Receiver
Stanton STR8-50 Turntable Onkyo CP 1400-A Turntable
Yamaha DD-20 Drum Machine
Boomerang Digital Phrase Sampler

Way back in June I had a restless day, put most of it to use setting up
the above ad hoc DJ machine--2 turntables, a drum machine, digital
looper, sampling cd player, cd burner, and mixer. since then, it's gotten
a lot of use, endless sonic collages, 1-4 can play at a time. beats tv. 

          if someone who sees ahead
is a visionary
what do you call a person
who hears far
into the future?

a hearing-ary? listen-tuitive?

jesse paul miller
is such a hearer.
he slept over last night
after mixing music and
watching home movies.

today he has been spinning
the wildest combinations
while i vacuumed, cleaned,
sorted, packaged.
and now sarah is back
from her studio. i put
blackeyed peas on the stove,
she prepares bread and soup.

jesse's got a good set of ears.
too bad we couldn't record any
of today's extended noise set.
oh well, moments don't go away.

existence exists
              --only time confuses us.