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January 24, 2004


Hard to believe I started this
website 6 years ago today. I
was living in New York then.
I celebrated by starting yet
another experiment in obsessive
behavior, this time for an in-
stallation going up on Feb 6:
I'm going to completely cover
the interior of a large room
with thousands of snapshots
I took from 1985 - 1996. I
have about 200 pounds of 'em.
It's really depressing, especially
when I get little glimpses into
my then state-of-mind. Ewww.

Anyway, it's time for the annual
pledge drive... If you like this
website and would like to help
keep it vibrant and viable, why
not drop some coin in the box
on your way out. I mean, donate.
Any whole dollar amount is
greatly appreciated and goes
towards renting server space,
buying installation supplies,
bringing  this site up to date,
and, most recently, covering
submission fees for festivals.

Thanks for your visit.
                           More to come.