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February 12, 2004

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the view from 34th ave nw this morning was ridiculous,
the Olympics so sharp you could see the foothills. the 3rd
straight day of clear blue skies, they're already being referred
to as "the 3 nice days"--quite a streak for winter in this place.
last night, bill, jed, chrystya and i rocked out in jed's basement.
it's fun as hell spazzing out with a bass, especially when the people
you're playing with have ability and can cover your mistakes.

actually, i don't know if you could call them mistakes when
there's no intent, just a finger-scraping flailing to the beat. yeah.

afterwards, chrystya sent me this email and i thought it was funny...

hi rob, the rocking out was very fun and i would like
to do it again soon. jed and i are just about to start
playing with shaun right now.

here is the silly mail i wrote you that day before we
played music, but did not send. hope you had good day
with beautiful sun enjoyment today.


   the market for marketing is hell and hellacious
   the rock out for rocking makes the neighbors nauseous
   the coffee for drinking is dark and full of richness
   i market the market with little piggy anxious
   and write for the writing to tell all the bankers
   the walk for the walking is good for the wankers
   i heard the seals and they were chirping off in the distance
   he dreamed of puppies and they were learning how to be seals
   and he had to clean up all the shits they were taking.