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April 16, 2004

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doing laundry by hand lends great insight
into the filth of daily existence. after just
one day, socks turn the water shit brown.
cold water rinse, wring them out.

Unijazz is my new favorite place. despite
its being on the top floor of a building
just off of Vaclavak, i guess you could
call it underground. no sign out front, you
enter nondescript lobby, buzz to be let up
--4? 5? 6? flights of stairs (hard to count,
you go round and round). there's a bar,
small music shop, TV in the corner for
occasional presentations (the other night
was debunking mental illness stereotypes).

you can order a drink, sit down and audit
CDs at leisure, blow smoke out the window
if that is your pleasure. today i picked up
a bunch of stuff, doing my part for the econ-
omy and transcontinental culture diffusion.

here's what i bought... DJ Vadim, USSR:
"russian percussion" by scratch-happy dj,
recombinant aural genetix at its finest.

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