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April 22, 2004

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Thea was my first Prague contact,
way back in September 1994, we
had both just gotten here and were
put in touch by my college freshman
year roommate jeff. the thing i most
remember about that was the night
we drank too much red wine on my
balcony and fell out of our chairs.
today we met for lunch at Dahab,
middle eastern food, really great,
the most green and spices i've eaten
since i got here april 6. my body
thanked me by requesting a nap by
the river, on the grass, with a lot of
shirtless people, my pale white feet.
honza had something for me so i went
to his workshop in dejvice. his clock
is about to take off with an
exhibition next month for which he's
already pre-sold the whole show. after
a walk on petrin hill, again with a lot
of sitting down, met some friends of
a friend in a pub, plenty of beer and
outrageous conversation (was it slang
or too fast?--either way i only caught
the basic gists, not the subtler points
which had everybody laughing more
than i've seen people laugh since the
last time i saw so much laughter, which
must've been around the time of college
when my friends and i were often addled).
it was ok to not understand. cigarettes
(speki) were rolled and passed, i drew
ants on coasters, nonverbal communication,
there are many ways of rubbing antennae.