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April 24, 2004

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the courtyard of a highland castle
is a good place for a music festival
so long as the weather is merciful--
and even if it's not, things have a way
of working themselves out. the rain
came on slow, then hard, and stayed.
the first band was a family act, father
& four kids, drummer son the youngest,
the wind billowed the tarp that barely
covered the small stage, puddles formed
around the equipment and i thought of
mirek's tale of two different bands who
lost their lead singers when microphones
electrocuted them during performances.
"the sound man here is very important,"
he understated. when thunder rolled they
finally pulled the plug, broke everything
down and then quickly set up again under
white arched colonnade, which was a big
improvement and the long narrow space
made for a unique arrangement of both
band and audience. uz jsme doma played.
    outdoor pissoir in plain view; privacy is preserved by people not looking at you