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June 20, 2004

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marketa zverinova, self-portrait, NYC, 197?





...i'm keeping a diary this summer,
something both more personal &
mundane than the stuff i post here.
i'm using an old spiral bound Pen-Tab
red pocket notebook, found among my
family records; it obviously dates back
to the early 1970s, when my father was
dying of cancer, my mother was having
a nervous breakdown, and my sister
(left) was delving into figure drawing.

today i sat a while at garden spot,
where i saw a deer stand on its hind
legs to eat leaves off a tree. i thought,
 unbelievable! but why? only because
i've never seen it? there's more i have
not seen than i've seen, so why should
i be blindered by biases? also news to
me: deer squat when they pee.