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                 Novem         ber 30, 2004
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brent watanabe Jesse Paul Miller introduced me
to the work of Brent Watanabe,
and somewhere along the line
introduced my work to Brent,
who recently dropped me a line
suggesting we meet to exchange
DVDs and share ideas, so I took
the 358 up to his place and his
gray cockatiel named Gray took
a crap on my knee. Before that,
Brent showed me some work in
                  progress, the FLxER video mixer,
                  and a bunch of thrift store videos
                  and photo albums he uses as raw
                  material for his disturbing films.
                                    it felt like the start of a
                                    beautiful friendship....
                                    we're talking 'bout doing
                                    an experimental film fest
                                      & other collaborations.