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January 1, 2005

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[ watch movie of Nardwuar crowdsurfing Electric Heavyland ]

Probably because I loaned my projector and tracing skills to the production of the Electric Heavyland sign, I scored a pass to the secret free Melvins in-store there at 2 pm. Thanks, Drew! Jesse was there--he'd last seen them way back in 1989. (The Melvins are super veterans.) They started the set by soliciting a bass player from the audience. Ursula stepped up and rocked a tight improv. Then the guitarist used an electric shaver to create cool noise. Halfway through the set, Dale the drummer phoned Jello Biafra and asked why he wasn't there. The crowd hollered hello. Nardwuar walked in just as the Melvins were starting I Am the Owl by the Dead Kennedys. Instead of singing, Nardwuar got the store crowd jumping up and down before getting himself passed all around. After the show, I bought a weird stuffed rabbit. While setting up this shot, Jello Biafra walked in. What was I to do? Here was the hero of my suburban youth, leader of the DKs and founder of Alternative Tentacles. The last time I saw him was 1988, when--thanks to a brilliant misreading--I was a devotee of Ayn Rand and asked him what he thought of her. I didn't like his answer then: "I think she's a fascist." Later I deduced he was more or less right. I wanted to give him a DVD but decided against it, figuring it's probably no fun to be hounded by your fans. Jesse and I then went back to my place and made ridiculous music till 4 a.m.