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March 23, 2005

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steven stone: framing the framer

Found some unopened bottles of pinot noir wine in a cellar on a salvage and decided it would be a good idea to drink one while throwing together ten 4.7" x 4.7" works of art for Greg Lundgren's CD jukebox gallery at The Hideout. It really was a good idea and I felt on fire as I cut, cracked, and glued various bits of trash to cardboard squares, signed and dated and numbered each before sliding into CD wallet to transport there. Greg is really good at inspiring people to action! I was so into it I neglected to document any of the pieces, which included some cut-out PBR packaging, a fractured LP label, a found 1960s photograph of young girl wearing hearing apparatus, a tapelift composite face of color Stranger newsprint eyes and lips, black spraypaint stencil of toy gun on gold foil from chocolate wrapper, and who knows what else (it all happened so fast). At 11 pm I got on my bike and rolled over there--no-hands and leisurely through Westlake Ave. parking lots, then grueling grinder up Boren (broke a sweat). Greg, Jeff, Steven, Rana, Sabrina, and others were there in last-minute mode unpacking glasses, shelving bottles, and hanging art. The jukebox hadn't arrived yet so I did some touch-up painting and adjusted the front door black velvet curtains. As befits bar pre-openings, there was pizza and beer. I got out of there at 1:30 am. The long downhill run was thrilling, the night was clear.