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April 6, 2005


I missed the first day of salvage on this 4-story 1920's house, but I could tell from the stuff which came out of it that it was classic. I'm not one to get excited by toilets, but even the toilet was beautiful (and made in Seattle, no less). The guys who worked the first day of the job said it was one of the nicest houses they've seen in the three years they've been salvaging--which is saying a lot because they've seen a lot of nice houses. Everything about the house was immaculate: fir and oak floors throughout, vintage plumbing and light fixtures, heavy doors, fully functional old windows, and a really neat custom paint job, a detail of which you can see here (the white, cracked plaster indicates where crown molding has already been removed). A showcase home in every respect. So why is the new owner knocking it down? To build his dream house, he says.
I dunno.... this one seemed pretty dreamy to me.