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September 13, 2005
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I'm not sure where the inspiration came from,
but a few months ago I ran two VCRs through
a 2-channel audio mixer and enjoyed the
totally messed up result. It turns out you
can cross-fade video and tweak the signal
using the usual controls: bass, treble, trim.

For Friday's installation at Electric Heavyland
I have built a primitive mixer in the form of a
curtained voting booth. Step inside, don head-
phones, and "cast your ballot" in seclusion.
In addition to mixing an assortment of source
video tapes, there is an audio feed from an old
elementary school gramophone playing broken
. For this sample, I mixed footage of G.W.
Bush's inauguration with a driver's ed scare film
about drunk driving. The result is close to voo-doo.

I say this last because I have been reading William
Burroughs on the use of deconstructed media to
achieve political ends. His ideas are interesting.

You can play with the mixer this Friday from 7 - 9 pm.
I will make a recording of the entire session, edit
later and then broadcast on Seattle cable access TV.

I have no idea why but can't think of reasons why not.


Friday September 16 2005 7 - 9 pm 252 NE 45th St