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December 17, 2005


I've never woken up in outer space. I sure would like to. Until
that day, I'll settle for sunrise views like this from the train.

Due to a westbound freight derailment, the eastbound Amtrak
Empire Builder (unfortunate name) was 4 hours delayed.

We took that time to pay a visit to Bruce at Sound Transit,
eat pho at Uwajimaya, shop at Kinokuniya, drink juice and

coffee at Zeitgeist, and meet Jed and Liz for drinks at a bar. We
were happy. Time shouldn't be a worry when you take the train.

The best part of the delay was we got to see some sweet landscapes
we'd never seen. Like this mountain river misting in the morning.

If the train had been on time, we would have passed through this
at night. And although skies were clear and the moon was bright,

we probably would have slept through it....
                                                     ...which also would have been alright.