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January 24, 2006


 if I knew then what I know now – I would not
                      have gone ahead with the story as it was aired,
                      and I certainly would not have used the documents
                      in question Another Maple Valley morning, our third trip to the Pan Abode on a ridge high above the Cedar River, the fog settled low in the basin is the last to burn off. Because I'm not driving, I can shoot stills and movies out the window and through the windshield. Although this shot portrays a kind of bucolic bliss, not far from here a huge disposable housing development sprawls like a self-replicating virus. When those structures begin falling apart thirty years from now the pickings will be slim for future salvage teams. But maybe they're not meant to last even thirty years--which is good because they won't. At which time they'll just call in the track hoes, haul it all to the dump and start digging another hole. Such fly-by-night profit schemes are no foundation on which to build a community. But then again, community is not the selling point anyway. Privacy is. Which explains the lack of neighbor-facing windows in most new structures. Blank walls are preferred to reminders that there are others outside the cocoon.

p.s. Shortly after I took this picture, I saw a
different horse pissing in magnificent sunlight,
its stream illumined a brilliant gold. Missed it!