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March 15, 2006
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sustainable practices: water catchment, humanure, human powered transport, treeplanting
Some sustainable practices: water catchment, humanure, bicycling, treeplanting

As part of the Earth Day Book & Mural Project, Marty
at The RE Store organized a design charette in the meeting
at the very new Seattle Public Library Ballard Branch.

About two dozen people showed up for snacks, quick
introductions, then a frenzy of drawing and brainstorming
with crayons. First a series of 30-second stream of
consciousness sketches on the idea of sustainability. Then
breakout into 5 groups, each given a large map of Ballard as it is
now and instructions to re-vision the neighborhood as an oasis
of urban sustainability. Green roofs, community gardens, bike
trails, public transit, carfree streets, solar arrays, grey water
, creek restoration, tree planting, and cultural centers
were just some of the concepts drawn over the grid.

The results will be passed along to students from Summit K-12
as a jumpoff point for their own discussions and planning for a 16'x16' mural to be mounted on The RE Store May 13 2006.