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May 13, 2006
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The writing was everywhere but on the wall--on silkscreens, shirts, posters, and sidewalk giveaways. Instead of writing, the unveiling ceremony at Seattle RE Store revealed an earth goddess mural meant to be a sign to Ballard that sustainable practices are not only possible but essential to the future health of the city.

In the morning I finally cut a screen of THANK YOU FOR NOT DRIVING, an image which is taking on a life of its own. After seeing it in Carbusters, Peter Taylor of Bristol England made stickers of it then successfully petitioned his town council to produce durable signs and post them in public places, particularly where children are present.

I brought the new screen to the RE Store along with some older designs and spent 2 action-packed hours running ink onto shirts for dozens of people--mostly kids who I was happy to see were really into the carfree message.

Later in the day on the way to a going away party, Sarah and I saw a series of handlettered photocopies asking questions and calling for action. I really admire such simple initiatives. There's so much commercial dreck out there that it's great to see an urgent individual statement.

America was once known as the land of the free. While this might no longer apply to speech (if it ever did), there are still plenty of cast-off goods to be found in the streets.