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June 26, 2006

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  Today it was back to hot and sweaty Prague. Older Czech trains have windows that open but somehow they don't do much to cool the car. I felt kind of faint but as Mirek and I were in the jidelnak (dining car), I had a mushroom omelette and bottle of water and felt much better. It was a long hot day, but the city does have its advantages, not all of them having to do with commerce--food, books (Svejk in Czech), bike parts (tubes, pump, and rack), and LPs (solo Art Tatum), in my case. I like the stencil art I see in Prague. There's also the sudden glimpses of wry beauty that almost invariably pass too quickly for my camera to catch them, like the woman in boldly striped minidress and platform shoes standing out against a grim grey windowless wall where the only other color came from casino bar posters that perfectly matched her outfit. And then there are the Czech women, so pleasant to look at, whose native beauty has Sarah often asking why the men in general aren't comparably attractive. Who knows? But as I was walking across Karlovy Namesti I crossed paths with a woman in white who moments later caused a benchful of guys to spontaneously applaud.