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The end of the world is everywhere.
It can be found anywhere--all you have to do is look.

In the city it spirals down from every streetlight.
It can be found under a cat's paw,
in a flaming spoon of spirits, or
the time it takes to look at your watch.
It's in the widening space between fingers
as two lovers part on a train platform.
The end can be found in the bottom of a bottle
as well as the top. It's what separates the first match
from the last in a box. It's knowing when to stop
but nonetheless going on. The end can be a start.

Today was a lot of fun. Sarah, Igor, Nicole and I
went to extremes. At both Ujezd and U Rudolfina
we pressed on to the sole vacant table at very end
of the rooms. We rode the Petrin funicular to the
last stop and climbed the tower to its top. For every
sentence that ended a new one was quick to start.

It was one of those days when I saw with my ears....