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September 21, 2006


I have a long, complicated, and happy
relationship with the Czech band Uz Jsme Doma.

Long because it goes back to 1996.
Complicated because it has touched many facets
of my life: art, business, friendship, and spirit.
Happy because everyone I've met in connection with
the band has been exceptionally grounded and kind.

Part of what led to yesterday's bizarre installment
was the fact that I'd been working on a redesign
of the UJD website for three days straight.
Going into that pixelspace inevitably yields to
strange new ways of thinking (which tend to
resonate with others who grok the screen interface).

The design has been a collaboration with drummer
Tomas Paleta, who lit the fire and got it started.
He and Pepa the bassist have imbued the band
with new life; their enthusiasm is contagious.

The difference between being and non-being is very
slender. I'm glad that after 21 years UJD is still alive....
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