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October 24, 2006


After our time in DC we catch train 29 at 3:55 pm.
Walking down platform dragging our refugee load
we pass a private rail car at the end of our train.
It's blue and sleek, my guess is 1930s. Luxurious.
Inside, men and women in business suits, one is
lighting a cigar and I can't help think robber baron.
But that's nothing and I settle into my seat, even
manage to sleep and in the morning we pass some
midwest shithole with snow on the ground and the
daily grinding nightmare just about to start, all those
car engines so cold and the space just above the
ill-conceived but well-tended suburban lawns so
lifeless, as if every potential had been spent. Then
we got to Chicago and met Mark and Dave for a
hearty breakfast at Lou Mitchell's. We caught part
of current show at Museum of Contemporary Art,
an extensive survey of the need for sustainability.