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March 30, 2007

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being taught to ride a horse / i have trouble with the stirrups / and as we go along the horse / and i get to talking and / decide it's only fair that / we trade places. she turns / human and rides me piggyback / until we catch up with the others / and she's a horse again but / no one believes i carried her
a handcut excerpt, the human crooked line

Riding some kind of creative high from last night
but wanting a break from the computer, I finally
got around to printing out the Big Book of Dreams
and took the pages down to Sarah's studio where
I cut out phrases and passages and taped them
into place on sheets of red paper I'd happened to
find. The dreams were printed on the backs of
pale green. I had intended to photocopy a few
in black and white, but once I saw the contrast
I decided to make 2-sided color copies of the
booklet's 6 sheets. It's slick, shiny, and bright.
Edition of 20, 12pp, signed, numbered, $10 ea.,
mail order only: 3955-B Fremont Ave N, Seattle
WA 98103. Int'l orders add $5. Pleasant dreams!