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April 9, 2007

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.Got a nice adrenaline rush today.
Steve called to ask if I had plans
and the truth was I didn't. Got on
my bike and got to Steve's 4 minutes
late for our 3 o'clock appointment.
Armand started the furnace, there
was some business with the kiln.
Chain hoists helped move stuff into
place. Steve cut the crotch out of
some leathers so they'd fit me better.
I was wearing them at the time. I
was the dummy, held the end with
one handle. The bronze pour was
for an angel to guard over a very
fancy family's boat - the Aerie,
I believe - and he got two out of
three, a little too much shrinkage in
one. It was engaging to be around
so much fire, heat and molten metal.
Thanks, Steve!