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October 21, 2007

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Despite multiplying means of sending messages, it seems less and less important information gets through, so I'm grateful to Heike for forwarding an email about tonight's home radio transmitter workshop at 20/20 bike shop -- otherwise I never would have heard of it. I rode the bus downtown, then walked up Pine, stopping at Wall of Sound where I dropped off a poster for next week's Uz Jsme Doma show -- an old-fashioned but still vital means of getting the word out. At WoS I learned that the radio workshop was part of a larger Reclaim the Media film festival and was given two passes to a screening of Pirate Radio USA -- word of mouth rules. (Thanks, Michael.) I had hoped the workshop would focus some on internet radio but it was still interesting and inspiring and there were people there who answered some of my basic questions. Kevin from Central Cinema brought over a huge bowl of popcorn and after a preliminary talk we broke out into two groups, one of which got down to soldering while the other gazed into the guts of a cobbled-together transmitter. I left to attend the screening just as an antenna was being assembled on the sidewalk for a very local transmission. The film was excellent and I highly recommend it. I also urge y'all to attend the next FCC public hearing. A plurality of voices is the very definition of democracy.