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May 24, 2008


Hang in there...

I don't know how I got so lucky, but Jarda is as good
a next door neighbor as anyone could hope for. He's
funny, generous, and has a lot of unique experience.
His family has been in the same house for
three generations; he certainly has seen a
lot of changes. Which is maybe why he has
so much respect for the things that stay the
same. Despite my limited Czech we're able
to discuss the age-old mysteries of creation.
Is it a paradox that the most profound ideas
are best described in the simplest language?
It doesn't take words to wonder at the stars.
We stayed up all night waiting for the moon
and when we got it in our sights it didn't take
long for the earth to spin us out from under it,
the crescent and craters drifting out of view.
As dawn broke the birds went berserk.
Jarda said [in Czech], "It's all so beau-
tiful it can really get on your nerves."
Hang in there...