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June 9, 2008


having a ball in Chotusice

Bill Callahan of Smog has a line in one of his songs:
...I was worse than a stranger--I was well-known. I got a
new feeling for the truth of that today when in between
errands on my bike I stopped at the Jakub pub for a quick
one and chanced into Pavel, to whom I'd been introduced
a week before. He asked if I could help him turn some hay in
his big backyard. Sure, I said. But somehow this entailed a trip
to a bar in nearby Chotusice, several beers in his barn with many
cats and a dog who wouldn't eat the cake set out for him on the floor,
15 minutes of actual raking, a big plate of gulas, booze and cigarettes,
and finally after 8 hours of this a visit to milk his mama goat. Lucky for me,
he had to go work the nightshift at 10 o'clock. I went home and puked in the
bathroom sink, rueing the tenacity of Czech hosting and my inability to say no.